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Sustainability policies


Sipa accepts the responsibility for, and values the safety and health of all our employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites.

Our aim is to provide an environment that is free from accident and industrial disease.

We believe this can be achieved by:

  • Clarity of policy and strength of leadership
  • Involvement of employees and contractors in the formulation and implementation of practical, understandable and robust practices
  • Adoption of these practices as part of our culture

The culture will be formed on the basis of:

  • The commitment of the Board Members to this Policy, with supportive funding
  • The belief by all of us that all accidents are preventable and all industrial health hazards are controllable with foresight, relevant training, purposeful attitude, appropriate equipment and proper tools
  • The accountability of management with the support of all employees to ensure that the workplace and the practices comply with statutory requirments and industry best practice as a minimum standard

The Sipa Board, Management, Employees, Contractors and Visitors all have a duty of care to themselves and to each other to adhere to this Policy, which is by definition, dynamic and requies continuous improvement.  I tiwll be reviewed at least every two years on its anniversary in consultation with the involvement of all personnel. 


We have a responsibility to conduct our business for the maximum benefit of all involved - that is, our shareholders, employees, contractors, and for all people in the wider community that our activities affect.

That responsibility includes a corporate, communal and statutory duty to provide a safe, healthy and considerate environment for all who work on our exploration and office sites.  The results of this duty should exceed expectations of regulations and industry practice.

Our exploration activities throughout Australia are conducted within traditional Aboriginal lands - much of which is presently subject to Native Title Claim.

We are committeed to ensuring that all issues relationg to Aboriginal Culture and Heritage are dealth with in consultations with Traditional Owners and relevant Land Councils from a position of openness and flexibility with Claimants and within the Legislative framework.

We believe that our operations should inolve mutually beneficial contributions to nearby communities - particularly if it is possible to assist in the education of children and adolescents and the wellbeing of the elderly, as well as participation in community social and recreational activities.


One inevitable consequence of mining and of some aspects of mineral exploration is disturbance of the environment.

Sipa commits:

  • to minimise adverse environmental impact in areas that we operate, and
  • to maximise positive environmental rehabilitation of areas that we have disturbed in our activities.

We believe this commitment is a natural responsibility, not a burden imposed by regulatory authorities - hence we believe our efforts and results should exceed statutory and best industry practices.