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Social Responsibility

About Sipa Resources Limited

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1987, Sipa Resources Limited (Sipa or the Company)(ASX Code: SRI) is a Perth-based Australian gold, base metals and nickel exploration company with a proven track record of mineral discovery. In the 1990s, Sipa found the Panorama Copper-Zinc VMS Province and the Ashburton Gold Province, where the company mined and produced gold until mid 2004. Sipa Exploration Uganda Limited (SEUL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sipa is now fully focussed on its projects in Northern Uganda where it holds over 7,000sq km of contiguous exploration tenements. The ground was applied for following the release by the Ugandan Government of new datasets completed during the Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project (SMMRP) funded by the World Bank, African Development Bank, Nordic Development fund and Government of Uganda.

From our base in Kitgum the company is exploring to the north west of Kitgum and south east to Pader and beyond. Our main targets are

  • The Akelikongo Intrusive hosted Nickel Copper system and surrounding district.
  • The Pamwa Zinc Lead Silver system.

So far the company has undertaken soil surveys since 2013 where with the assistance of local labor over 60,000 soil samples have been collected and analysed. At Akelikongo and Pamwa early stage exploratory drilling has been undertaken and a number of ground geophysical surveys undertaken. All the work so far has been to determine and understand the likelihood of economic Nickel-Copper and Zinc Lead systems at these locations.

Before every program of work and in every local district meetings are held to discuss the nature and timing of the program and to determine labour requirements. Sipa does not operate in any area where it is not invited or welcomed by the local community. In addition to the employment of local labour Sipa is investing in a number of community programs designed to improve health and education levels in the community.

Earlier in 2015 Sipa attended a number of schools in the Akelikongo region where it commenced the roll out of its Days for Girls program. The program aims to keep girls in school post puberty which is the time when school participation by girls normally drops drastically.

Sipa has also assisted in the training and commencement of new local businesses in the form or affordable liquid soap making, in addition donated desks to a local school in Palabek, stationary supplies, sporting equipment and books to other schools in the Lamwo district. Sipa also patronises of many local businesses around Kitgum.