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Liquid Soap Making

The liquid Soap making project commenced in December 2014 and has so far been a great success. It has empowered the people involved by giving them a greater self-worth, enabling them to contribute to a better life style for their family, ensuring the village people can afford a more hygienic lifestyle and contributing to the health and wellbeing of the community in which they live.

The project commenced within the community of Bajere, with Sipa providing the intial supplies and training. Nineteen community members participated in the initial project which saw interested parties learn the fundamentals of writing a business plan, the manufacturing process, quality control and reinvestment of profits.

Sipa hope to take this project to another remote village in our northern tenement of Palabek Ogili. The people of Bajere will assist with training and education of the new group with Sipa contributing the initial start-up cost.

Since this initial training the group have become very productive and have continued their success by making a further 3 batches and good profits. 19 village people now run their own successful business. They can therefore afford to feed their family, pay school fees for their children and have even contributed back to their local church towards the cost of purchasing sound equipment. Furthermore the people in small villages in the area can now afford to buy liquid soap in smaller quantities improving their health and hygiene. This was once beyond their means.


Initial TrainingInitial Training

The manufacturing processThe manufacturing process

The manufacturing processThe manufacturing process

Pose for the Finish ProductsPose for the Finish Products