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The Warralong Project covers over 50km of the Lalla Rookh Shear Zone in a ‘look-alike’ tectonic and geological setting to the numerous mineral deposits discovered along the sub-parallel Tabba Tabba Shear Zone to the north. The four tenements held by Sipa cover approximately 720 square kilometers.

The opportunity at the Warralong project is discovery of intrusion-hosted gold along a significant structure that is relatively unexplored. The Tabba Tabba Shear Zone and its extensions to the north form a major crustal structure that has acted as a conduit for mineralising fluids and intrusive bodies resulting in several mineral deposits along its length. These include the Indee Gold Camp, the Mt Dove iron deposit, the Hemi gold discovery and others, and the Tabba Tabba lithium-tantalum pegmatites. In contrast to the Tabba Tabba Shear Zone, the subparallel Lalla Rookh Shear Zone and associated splay structures now covered by Sipa tenements are largely obscured under shallow cover and therefore relatively unexplored, in particular for the intrusion related gold mineralisation which has only recently been identified in the Pilbara region.

The Warralong project has a number of advantages for Sipa. It lies in close proximity to the major logistical hub of Port Hedland, only 2km from the paved Marble Bar Rd and bisected by numerous station tracks. Identification and pegging of this ground are part of an ongoing initiative to introduce gold projects into the commodity portfolio, taking advantage of the Company’s strengths in early stage generative work within Western Australia and projects that can be cost effectively explored.

Sipa's Warralong project tenure over the Lalla Rookh Shear Zone in comparison to DeGrey Mining Limited's tenure and key mineral deposits located along the Tabba Tabba Shear Zone

Figure 1: Sipa's Warralong Project tenure over the Lalla Rookh Shear Zone